Multiple Trades Wanted for Turnaround Projects: Camp, Travel, Flights, 14 & 14, $45.00 Per Hour

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What Pacific Ropes Contracting Ltd is Hiring for:

We are seeking skilled Pipefitters/Insulators to join our team. As a Pipefitter, you will be responsible for installing, assembling, and maintaining piping systems used in various industries. As a JM Insulator, you will be responsible for insulation tasks in industrial settings. This position demands expertise in insulation techniques and materials, ensuring optimal thermal and acoustic insulation for structures and equipment. There will be camp, travel, and flight accommodations provided.


This is a hands-on role that requires mechanical knowledge and the ability to read and interpret schematics. We will be working on a turnaround in the Conklin, AB area for approximately a month with camp, travel, and flight accommodations.

Responsibilities (PF):

  • Install and assemble piping systems according to blueprints and specifications
  • Cut, thread, and bend pipes using hand tools or machinery
  • Fabricate pipe fittings and hangers as needed
  • Perform maintenance and repair tasks on existing piping systems
  • Weld or solder joints to ensure a secure connection
  • Test piping systems for leaks using pressure gauges or other testing equipment
  • Collaborate with other tradespeople, such as electricians or HVAC technicians, to complete tasks
  • Rotations: 8/6, 14/14

Responsibilities (Insulator):

  • Proficiency in JM insulation techniques and materials
  • Knowledge of insulation materials and their applications
  • Ability to interpret blueprints and insulation specifications
  • Familiarity with hand tools and power tools relevant to insulation work
  • Strong attention to detail and quality in insulation installations
  • Experience in the oil and gas industry is advantageous

Experience (PF):

  • Proven experience as a JM Pipefitter
  • Strong knowledge of pipefitting techniques and procedures
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, schematics, and technical drawings
  • Proficient in using hand tools and power tools for cutting, threading, and bending pipes
  • Basic math skills for measuring and calculating pipe lengths and angles
  • Familiarity with calipers and other measuring instruments
  • Experience with rigging equipment for lifting and positioning heavy pipes

Experience (Insulator):

  • Relevant certifications in insulation techniques and materials
  • Demonstrated experience in JM insulation projects (minimum 3 years)
  • Ability to work at heights safely
  • Commitment to adhering to project timelines and quality standards
  • Strong communication skills and teamwork abilities

Work Regions:

This opportunity from Pacific Ropes Contracting Ltd is available in Conklin.


The below are factors that tend to matter for our listing seekers. This listing with Pacific Ropes Contracting Ltd offers:


Fly-In & Fly-Out

14 & 14

As positions vary, please confirm details with employer.


Pacific Ropes Contracting Ltd has indicated that these are the requirements for the listing:

  • Journeyman Certification

Requirements may not be comprehensive. Confirm w/employer.

About Pacific Ropes Contracting Ltd:

Pacific Ropes is a family-owned business with locations in both British Columbia and Alberta. We approach work at height from multiple angles: Our construction and rescue services, our training programs, and our equipment retail shop. Having these three different branches helps us to contribute to the rope access industry in unique ways. We combine our experience in the field, our knowledge of equipment and our experience in training and mentoring to come up with innovative solutions for our clients.

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