Floorhands, Derrickhands, Motorhands & Drillers needed in Nisku Alberta

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What Akita Drilling is Hiring for:

We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. 

Description: Drillers

The Driller operates the main controls on the drilling rig; and manages the crew on shift to ensure they follow Company Policy and Procedure. The Driller reports to the Rig Manager and communicates with the 3rd party services contractors on the drill floor. The Driller is responsible for disciplinary action.


  • Operate rig floors controls,
  • Run or assist in running special tools into the hole,
  • Constant lookout for unsafe conditions or acts,
  • Document daily activities in the Tour Report,
  • Lead crew meetings on Safe Work Procedures,
  • Supervise crew on shift during various activities through progressing of well,
  • Provide on the job training to all crew personnel in all aspects of operations,
  • Supervise crew during rig up/out operations. Assist trucking companies with equipment spotting,
  • Follow company procedures for hiring, progressive discipline and termination,
  • Provide Rig Manager with information on parts required, maintaining rig supplies and,
  • Report and investigate with the Rig Manager all accidents on his/her shift.
  • Learn and adhere to all Company, Customer and Government Safety Policy, Procedures and Practices and Regulations.

Description: Floor Hands

The Floor Hand works the drill floor operating manual tongs and pulling slips when tripping drill pipe in and out of the hole. The Floor Hand reports to the Motor Man and the Driller. The Floor Hand assists in various jobs around the drilling rig (e.g. pressure washing, hauling mud products, etc.). The position requires a H2S Alive certificate and workers are required to be fit and able to lift heavy loads.


  • Assist the Derrick Hand and Driller on the drill floor while making trips,
  • Ensure the drill floor is kept clean,
  • Conduct preventative maintenance on equipment,
  • Assist the Derrick Hand in mixing mud and chemicals,
  • Assist in cleaning and painting as required by the Driller,
  • Assist in moving the rig, rigging up and rigging out,
  • Perform the duties of an all-around worker on the drilling rig and,
  • Learn and adhere to all Company, Customer and Government Safety Policy, Procedures and Practices and Regulations.

Description: Derrick Hands

The Derrick hand is responsible for maintaining circulation equipment while drilling. During tripping operations the Derrick Hand works above the rig floor at the monkey board. The Derrick Hand would have worked their way up through the drilling rig positions, have a good knowledge all positions and will relieve the Driller once deemed competent.


  • Work on the catwalk or operate the hydraulic catwalks,
  • Work and maintain circulation on mud tanks,
  • Mix mud & organize mud products,
  • Work and maintain pumps,
  • Work at heights while tripping and conducting derrick inspections,
  • Assist the crew in nipple up procedures,
  • Supervise and assist during rig up/out operation,
  • Assist in running casing,
  • Ensure anyone climbing the derrick uses a full body harness and fall protection above 2 meters,
  • Clean and practice good housekeeping in work areas and,
  • Assist the Driller in the maintenance of the drilling rig and other equipment.
  • Learn and adhere to all Company, Customer and Government Safety Policy, Procedures and Practices and Regulations.


Qualified candidates require:

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Related certifications/tickets for this role:
  • H2S Alive
  • 1st Aid preferred

Description: Motor Hands

The Motor Hand ensures that all equipment is operating and functioning properly, performs repair work when capable and notifies the Rig Manager for major repair work. This position also assists the Derrick Hand and Driller on the drill floor while making trips. This position requires a H2S Alive certificate and mechanical aptitude.


  • Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment,
  • Inspect and report on all equipment daily or as required,
  • Fill out all log sheets and maintenance cards correctly and ensure they are kept up to date,
  • Ensure all equipment is kept clean,
  • Ensure Floor Hands have performed preventative maintenance on appropriate equipment,
  • Learn and adhere to all Company Safety Policy, Procedures and Practices, and all governmental safety regulations and,
  • Assist the Driller in mentoring the Floor Hand and helping with on the job training.


Work Regions:

These opportunities from Akita Drilling are available in Nisku, Alberta, Canada.


The below are factors that tend to matter for our listing seekers. This listing with Akita Drilling offers:

Competitive Wages

Many Positions Available

Full Time Position(s)

As positions vary, please confirm details with employer.


Akita Drilling has indicated that these are the requirements for the listing:

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Whmis
  • Confined Space

Requirements may not be comprehensive. Confirm w/employer.

About Akita Drilling:

AKITA Drilling Ltd. is an onshore drilling rig service provider that works with leading operators in the U.S. and Canada. 

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