$20-25/hr + Overtime Hiring Pipeline Technicians for Midland Texas

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What Northern Natural Gas is Hiring for:

A leader in the natural gas transportation business that's a part of the Berkshire Hathaway En​ergy group has posted in their official careers page their need for pipeline technicians to be working mostly on their Midland, Texas operations.

Those that will qualify can expect stable work, competitive compensation package including overtime.

The Pipeline Technician performs activities required to successfully operate and maintain company's compressor stations and pipeline facilities on the USA's largest interstate pipeline.

You are expected to be multi skilled team players who can do highly technical work including:

1. Controls - Install, maintain and troubleshoot programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, motor control centers, and medium and low voltage power distribution and pneumatic control devices utilized in pipeline operations.
2. Measurement - Program, maintain, operate and troubleshoot gas measurement equipment including gas meters, control valves, relief valves, regulators and associated software, as well as monitoring gas and quality control equipment.
3. Corrosion - Install, maintain and troubleshoot corrosion protection equipment to ensure pipeline integrity. NACE CP1 Tester certification is preferred.
4. Mechanical - Install, maintain, troubleshoot, overhaul and repair rotating and reciprocating compression equipment.
5. Liquefied Natural Gas Operations - Ensure reliable operation and maintenance of processes required to make liquefied natural gas.
6. Underground Storage Operations - Ensure reliable operation and maintenance of processes required to store and deliver natural gas from underground reservoirs.
7. Compressor Station Operations - Ensure reliable operation of compressor station equipment.
8. Pipeline - Perform pigging operations, damage prevention measures and pipeline right of way maintenance.
9. Equipment Operation - Transport, inspect, maintain and operate various mobile heavy equipment including backhoes, boom trucks, semi-trucks, dump trucks, excavators, skid loaders, etc. Additional endorsements for hazmat and liquefied natural gas transportation are available.
10. Welding - Pipeline welders must be qualified in API 1104 and ASME standards to weld on natural gas pipelines. Structural welders must be qualified in AWS standards.
11. Environmental - Maintain environmental standards, environmental activities and regulatory compliance for assigned locations.

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Work Regions:

This opportunity from Northern Natural Gas is available in Midland.


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Northern Natural Gas has indicated that these are the requirements for the listing:

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Valid Certifications

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About Northern Natural Gas:

Northern Natural Gas is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway En​ergy and considers themselves as the leader in natural gas transportation.

They own the largest interstate natural gas pipeline in the US. Their massive gas pipepine stretches from Texas to Michigan spanning 11 states giving them the capacity to provide access the major natural gas supply areas in the entire North America.


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