What does Young Group of Companies do?

A national dynamic energy service company that provides the newest clean technologies and services to the oil and gas community.

How big is Young Group of Companies and how old are they?





Young Group of Companies has been around since 1999 making them 25 years old and the 278th oldest company in our database of energy companies. Roughly 500 people work at Young Group of Companies making them the 229th largest in our database.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Employee reviews of Young Group of Companies

What is employment at Young Group of Companies like? From employers included and reviewed within our database, Young Group of Companies ranks 52nd of 63 medium to small companies that employ 500 to 999 people.


Summary: 3.00 out of 5 stars and 52nd of 63 medium to small companies employing 500 to 999 people.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Types of jobs at Young Group of Companies

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our website, some of the oil & gas, energy, skilled trades and craft jobs at Young Group of Companies include Administrator, Production Supervisor, Crew Supervisor, Hydrovac Operator, Swamper, Vac Truck, Class 1 Driver, Confined Space Entry Technician, Firewatch, Holewatch, Safety, Operator, Rig Wash Hand, Wash Rack Operator, Bottlewatch, Confined Space Monitor, Air Technician, & Traffic Controller. Other common positions are:





Confined Space Monitor

Confined Space Monitor

Why work at Young Group of Companies?

We know that finding a meaningful and rewarding job can be a long journey. Our goal is to make that process as easy as possible for you, and to create a work environment that's satisfying - one where you'll look forward to coming to every day. Start your journey today.

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our site, jobs with Young Group of Companies may offer Competitive Wages, Health Benefits Package, Shutdown.

Young Group of Companies work culture & company values

Honesty, integrity, and fair value are core values at YOUNG ENERGY services. Years of experience in the industry has taught our professionals that honest quotes, timely project completion, accurate invoicing, and maintaining a safe working environment is fundamental to corporate growth.

How to find Young Group of Companies hiring & job application info

Looking for employment opportunities with Young Group of Companies? Below you can find relevant hiring information via their website, social media profiles, and the Young Group of Companies application process via their careers/hiring page. Logged in users can find additional information including Young Group of Companies recruiter emails, names, and phone numbers if available.

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Young Group of Companies job postings & career openings:

Here are the most recent job openings & career opportunities that we have sourced or have been provided directly from Young Group of Companies: