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Experience in all phases of cooling tower technologies over the past sixty years has required a tradition of flexibility and commitment to the needs of our customers. Since our founding in 1951, we have continued in this tradition, challenging existing techniques and technology to meet the specific and more demanding requirements for higher efficiency and higher performance cooling towers. STAR has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry.

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Star Cooling Towers has been around since 1960 and has approx 200 employees. This makes them the 67th oldest company in our database, and 283rd largest.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

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Summary: 2.95 out of 5

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

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STAR provides its’ employees with the training needed to be safe and effective at all times on the job. We support skill development through mentoring, and on the job training.

As a skilled cooling tower craftsperson, you will be the backbone of every project, helping us maintain site safety, protect the environment and keep projects on schedule. You will receive opportunities to gain additional skills that you can use throughout your career with STAR. Many of our supervisors and members of upper management began their careers as craftsperson.

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Responding to environmental factors and an evolving stream of regulatory requirements, STAR has undergone many changes in its sixty plus year history. STAR COOLING TOWERS was founded as specialists in prefabricated designed towers for commercial and industrial services. As we continued to meet the challenges of our customers, for higher efficiency and greater volume, we’ve developed our design process to meet the individual requirements of our customer’s needs.

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