What does SoCalGas do?

At SoCalGas, we believe that every Californian deserves a resilient energy future.  We are working to achieve that future by empowering California to reach its sustainability goals through innovation, collaboration, and decarbonization. As our state’s energy needs change, we will be there providing reliable energy that is clean, safe, and affordable to our 22 million customers. 

In addition to helping shape the future of hydrogen technology and clean energy, as an employee of SoCalGas you’ll also enjoy comprehensive compensation plans, a hybrid work model, balanced work life, and upward mobility.  We also strive to reflect the communities we serve by attracting top talent and maintaining a diverse workforce.  To discover more about how rewarding it is to work here, we invite you to visit these pages on our website: Our Mission; DE&I, Sustainability, In the Community, and Employee Benefits. Join SoCalGas today to share in our mission to build the cleanest, safest, and most innovative energy company in America!  

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