What does Roc Service Company do?

ROC Service Company (“ROC”) is a growth-oriented, multi-region, employee-friendly energy services company providing critical completion and production related services to exploration and production and pipeline companies in the United States. At ROC, in addition to providing “best-in-class” service, we pride ourselves in making safety and environmental sustainability top priorities.


How big is Roc Service Company and how old are they?





Roc Service Company has been around since 2012 making them 12 years old and the 397th oldest company in our database of energy companies. Roughly 425 people work at Roc Service Company making them the 275th largest in our database.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Employee reviews of Roc Service Company

What is employment at Roc Service Company like? From employers included and reviewed within our database, Roc Service Company ranks 129th of 166 small companies that employ 499 or less people.


Summary: 3.30 out of 5 stars and 129th of 166 small companies employing 499 or less people.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Types of jobs at Roc Service Company

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our website, some of the oil & gas, energy, skilled trades and craft jobs at Roc Service Company include Roustabout, & General Labor. Other common positions are:





Why work at Roc Service Company?

ROC is always looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals to join our team. We thoroughly screen all applicants with the goal of matching them to the best position which fits their skill set. Within ROC there exists numerous opportunities to build a career, not just work a job. Our training and career development programs are first-class. We are an equal opportunity employer and it would be our privilege to receive your application or resume.

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our site, jobs with Roc Service Company may offer Competitive Wages, Room for Advancement, Hotel Provided.

Roc Service Company work culture & company values

ROC was founded and is managed based on several guiding principles:

  • Operating in a safe manner that protects our employees, our customers and the surrounding environment
  • Conducting our business, externally and internally, in accordance with the highest ethical standards
  • Fostering an employee-ownership culture throughout our entire organization
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers
  • Delivering financial results that justify continued investment in our Company

How to find Roc Service Company hiring & job application info

Looking for employment opportunities with Roc Service Company? Below you can find relevant hiring information via their website, social media profiles, and the Roc Service Company application process via their careers/hiring page. Logged in users can find additional information including Roc Service Company recruiter emails, names, and phone numbers if available.

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Roc Service Company job postings & career openings:

Here are the most recent job openings & career opportunities that we have sourced or have been provided directly from Roc Service Company: