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Milestone Environmental Services, LLC (Milestone) is an energy waste sequestration company with assets throughout the Permian Basin, the Haynesville Shale, and the Eagle Ford Shale. We are the largest independent energy waste sequestration company in the United States, and a key business partner to energy companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint through cost-efficient waste management solutions. Our network of slurry injection sites and best-in-class E&P landfills provides a new avenue for management and sequestration of hydrocarbon-rich energy waste streams. We are committed to protecting the environment and our communities by offering a better way to manage waste and play a key role in a forward-looking carbon agenda. Milestone is a partner in the transition to a sustainable energy future.



Come make a difference. Our global society is in the midst of making a major energy transition. As a premier carbon-sequestration partner to the energy industry, Milestone is a vital player in this movement. Come to work at Milestone and you’ll not only be building a great career, you’ll be driving change in one of the most important eras of human history.

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