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Majestic Petroleum Services, LLC. began pulling unit operations in 2013.  We are closing 2014 with 5 rigs, a kill truck, multiple bop's and multiple trash pumps for drilling rigs.  Our plan is to build deep rooted relationships with clients that appreciate our willingness to be flexible in business and respect constantly changing needs on both the producer and the service company.  We are a family run business.  We work hard to maintain a good name and we promise to bring honesty to the table.

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Majestic Petroleum Services has been around since 2013 and has approx 10 employees. This makes them the 382nd oldest company in our database, and 438th largest.

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Shop Hand

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Employment with any company should be a means to an end. Set goals and perform at the highest standards. If you don't have goals, waking up every day can feel empty and eventually pointless. We are not interested in creating an environment where goals outside of the workplace do not exist. We are here to help you achieve your goals for YOU!

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Majestic Petroleum Services, LLC. is a company poised for rapid growth in the Permian Basin by creating a high-energy environment and forming strong bonds with clients. Our Goal is to provide excellent service with honest, loyal and dedicated employees. We offer pulling unit services to key areas in Texas and New Mexico.

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