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Lincoln County Oilfield Services Ltd. is a leading provider of pipeline and facilities construction services within northern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia.

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Summary: 4.37 out of 5

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Why work for Lincoln County Oilfield Services?

Lincoln County Oilfield Services Ltd. is committed to creating a safe workplace for its employees and the public. Prevention of occupational injury and illness is a top priority for LCOS, demonstrated by the in-house programs that the Company has implemented since its inception. Lincoln County Oilfield Services Ltd. maintains a strong presence in its local community through its active participation and corporate sponsorship in local and regional events, supplying significant support to community activities and development.

Lincoln County Oilfield Services Values:

Through the support of local activities, teams, and charities, LCOS looks to give back to the community which has supported their business and strengthen their regional industry contacts and reputation.

Recruitment & Contacts:

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