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Established in 1989, the JV Driver Group, through its different enterprises, provides a wide range of construction services and engineered products in these sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial, Multi-unit Residential and Industrial Buildings
  • Public Infrastructure and Institutions
  • Marine
  • Environmental

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Summary: 3.90 out of 5

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Why work for JV Driver?

The JV Driver Group is a great place to build a career for a couple of key reasons. One is we care about your success. We will give you the tools, training and opportunities to reach levels you may not have thought possible. This will allow you to not only amaze us but more importantly amaze yourself. Second, we actually strongly believe in and live our Core Values every day – not just when convenient. This creates a unique environment that is kind of hard to explain but great to experience. To help we have created a video – take a look. Also, below we have explained our Core Values in action – give it a read. After you have done those two things enter the Career Centre to see what exciting opportunities there are for you.

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