What does Eagle Well Servicing do?

Eagle Well Servicing Is a Leader In Canadian Well Servicing. We Run Safe And Reliable Equipment, And Realize Our Greatest Assets Are Our Employees. Join the Eagle Team today. 


How big is Eagle Well Servicing and how old are they?





Eagle Well Servicing has been around since 1996 making them 26 years old and the 247th oldest company in our database of energy companies. Roughly 800 people work at Eagle Well Servicing making them the 216th largest in our database.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Employee reviews of Eagle Well Servicing

What is employment at Eagle Well Servicing like? From employers included and reviewed within our database, Eagle Well Servicing ranks 11th of 64 medium to small companies that employ 500 to 999 people.


Summary: 4.05 out of 5 stars and 11th of 64 medium to small companies employing 500 to 999 people.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Types of jobs at Eagle Well Servicing

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our website, some of the oil & gas, energy, skilled trades and craft jobs at Eagle Well Servicing. Common positions are:

Service Rig Derrick Hand

Service Rig Derrick Hand

Service Rig Operator

Service Rig Operator

How to find Eagle Well Servicing hiring & job application info

Looking for employment opportunities with Eagle Well Servicing? Below you can find relevant hiring information via their website, social media profiles, and the Eagle Well Servicing application process via their careers/hiring page. Logged in users can find additional information including Eagle Well Servicing recruiter emails, names, and phone numbers if available.

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