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Deep Well Services is an oilfield services company that specializes in completion and workover service in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia. Their equipment is fabricated to help facilitate the completion of high pressure and long lateral wells. They have developed an expansion plan which will include extending their service lines and expanding operations into additional Shale basins.

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Deep Well Services has been around since 2008 and has approx 350 employees. This makes them the 330th oldest company in our database, and 273rd largest.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Deep Well Services Reviews

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Summary: 3.47 out of 5

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

What Kinds of Jobs are available at Deep Well Services:

Some of the most popular type of jobs and roles that Deep Well Services is most known for include:

Cdl Driver

Cdl Driver





Snubbing Operator

Snubbing Operator

Why work for Deep Well Services?

Deep Well Services accepts applications for all types of positions. They are the only snubbing and work over company in the Northeast to have an IADC accredited competency level based training program. They believe that their field employees don’t just have a job, but have careers they are proud of. They mention words like:

  • Equal opportunity employment
  • Training programs
  • A Career to be proud of

Deep Well Services Values:

At Deep Well Services people, safety and quality are more than a priority; they are a value. That is why each and every meeting that our management and field personnel attend is prefaced with a review of safety. We believe that a safe work environment enables our company to hire and retain qualified and dedicated people. . They mention words like:

  • Take Ownership
  • Lead by example
  • Stay engaged
  • Self discipline
  • Relentless improvement
  • Consistency and accuracy
  • Integrity always

Recruitment & Contacts:

Want to get a leg up with Deep Well Services? Here’s some extra intel on how to connect with Deep Well Services’s recruiters, and any additional contact information that might be available:

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New Deep Well Services Jobs:

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