What does ATOZ do?


Currently looking for Contractor/Employee to work out of town for rig work on service and drilling rigs

We are a service company that provides

·         Thread Supervision

·         Thread washing of tubing and casing

·         Computer torque monitoring

·         Pipe yard inspections

·         Thread refurbishing and repairs

·         Hotshots

Job consist of shift work out of town with camp or hotel accommodations .Rig floor work would be great for experience but not necessary. (Willing to train the right candidate)

We would prefer a contractor but it’s not necessary

Job Duties

·         Physical and manual labor

·         Working and driving alone

·         Working in poor weather condition

·         Onsite invoicing

·         Equipment servicing and maintenance

·          Daily job reporting


·         Contractor would need to provide a valid business license with insurance and GST

·         Valid driver’s license

·         Pickup truck in good condition and running order, commercial insurance with 5million liability

Standard first aid with CPR, H2S, WHIMIS 2015, TDG, PST/CSTS (if you have this before 2019) if not you will be required to have CSO (common safety orientation)

If accepted there will be additional site specific orientations to follow

Types of jobs at ATOZ

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our website, some of the oil & gas, energy, skilled trades and craft jobs at ATOZ include General Labor, & Roughneck. Other common positions are:

General Labor

General Labor



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