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Amped Energy Services Ltd. is a growing central Alberta based company that was incorporated in 2013. We provide oil and gas services in Western Canada. Our in house design team has years of experience building equipment that is suited perfectly for every job. Services include but are not limited to service rigs, flushbys, hot oiler, maintenance/picker truck and hotshotting.

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Amped Energy Services LTD has been around since 2013 and has approx 400 employees. This makes them the 382nd oldest company in our database, and 267th largest.

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What Kinds of Jobs are available at Amped Energy Services LTD:

Some of the most popular type of jobs and roles that Amped Energy Services LTD is most known for include:





Service Rig Derrick Hand

Service Rig Derrick Hand

Service Rig Floorhand

Service Rig Floorhand

Why work for Amped Energy Services LTD?

We strive to constantly improve safety and quality of service. Continuous training of our exceptional and experienced employees is key to keep up with industry demands, as they are ever-changing. We are a member of ISN, ComplyWorks and hold our Alberta Safety Council Certificate of Recognition proudly.

Amped Energy Services LTD Values:

We are a professional service to help you address the ever evolving and technological challenges in today’s oilfield.

Recruitment & Contacts:

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