At a glance:

AKITA Drilling Ltd. is an onshore drilling rig service provider that works with leading operators in the U.S. and Canada. 

Akita Drilling Reviews

What do Akita Drilling's employees have to say about their experience working here?


Summary: 3.75 out of 5

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Why work for Akita Drilling?

As a leader in drilling technologies in the U.S. and Canada, AKITA Drilling offers the opportunity to learn the latest advancements and grow as a drilling professional.

Akita Drilling Values:

Integrity, respect and commitment are the foundational values and guiding principles engrained into every aspect of Akita's operations.  These values are central to every partnership, demanded of every employee and expected of their operators.

Recruitment & Contacts:

Want to get a leg up with Akita Drilling? Here’s some extra intel on how to connect with Akita Drilling’s recruiters, and any additional contact information that might be available:

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