What does 4T Construction do?

Since 1996 4T Construction has helped build and maintain the electrical infrastructure of their communities. Committed to outstanding customer service provided in a safe atmosphere. Boasts a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an 'old fashioned' work ethic. 

How big is 4T Construction and how old are they?





4T Construction has been around since 1996 making them 28 years old and the 241st oldest company in our database of energy companies. Roughly 25 people work at 4T Construction making them the 450th largest in our database.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Employee reviews of 4T Construction

What is employment at 4T Construction like? From employers included and reviewed within our database, 4T Construction ranks 20th of 166 small companies that employ 499 or less people.


Summary: 4.80 out of 5 stars and 20th of 166 small companies employing 499 or less people.

source include: indeed, glassdoor, facebook, google

Types of jobs at 4T Construction

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our website, some of the oil & gas, energy, skilled trades and craft jobs at 4T Construction include Cdl Driver, Equipment Operator, & Labourer. Other common positions are:

Cdl Driver

Cdl Driver

Equipment Operator

Equipment Operator

General Labor

General Labor

Why work at 4T Construction?

4T Construction strives to keep their employees safe, happy and well-informed. To accomplish these goals 4T Construction believes that employers and employees alike must work together, maintaining an old fashioned sense of pride in work and in 4T Construction. Mutual success is dependent on the ideals of Safety, Quality Workmanship, and Courteous Attitude toward their customers. We will reward employees who express these attitudes and values in their daily work. They mention words like:

  • Safety
  • Attitude
  • Quality workmanship

Determined via job opportunities posted to or shared via our site, jobs with 4T Construction may offer 401K, Hands On Training.

4T Construction work culture & company values

4T Construction is a power line construction company whose mission is to provide a high quality service at fair and reasonable prices. Their goal is to be competitive with other businesses providing similar services, affordable for the company they serve, and profitable for the company they operate. They mention words like:

  • Service
  • Attitude

How to find 4T Construction hiring & job application info

Looking for employment opportunities with 4T Construction? Below you can find relevant hiring information via their website, social media profiles, and the 4T Construction application process via their careers/hiring page. Logged in users can find additional information including 4T Construction recruiter emails, names, and phone numbers if available.

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4T Construction job postings & career openings:

Here are the most recent job openings & career opportunities that we have sourced or have been provided directly from 4T Construction: