What Morganick Blending Services is Hiring For:

Oilwell Cementing Supervisors, Oil Cement Pump Operators, Bulk Truck Drivers, Heavy Duty Mechanics, & more. Competitive salary and bonus structure, Safety and performance bonuses, Daily subsistence $50.00 Tax Free, Accommodations while on shift, Full comprehensive benefits package, varying rotations and Relocation assistance up to $5000.00!

A Little Bit About Morganick Blending Services:

Morganick is a game-changer. By making smart changes to the cementing process, we have brought gas migration down to single digit percentages. We think it is about time that your cementing services exceeded your expectations and not limited your abilities.

Morganick’s patented cementing procedures have nearly eliminated future surface casing vent flow – all without the need for remedial cementing. Why do more work when better work will complete the job?

Careers with Morganick Blending Services:

Let’s face it – you work hard. You want more.

Why not work hard with a small group of like-minded employees that have created a platform to put the new best ideas in cementing to the test. Morganick offers you the opportunity to be part of a dedicated team that is changing the game.

We are looking for employees who want to grow their careers by working with their brawn and brains, by taking on more responsibility, and to be more than just a number. You owe it to yourself to have more. Send us your resume.

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