Transalta lists Heavy Equipment Operators/Labourers, Mechanics, and Maintenance Supervisor positions as 'open' at the Highvale Mine, Canada’s largest surface strip coal mine managed and operated by SunHills Mining Limited partnership (LP), a TransAlta entity.

More about the Mine

The Highvale Mine is located about 80 km west of Edmonton near Lake Wabamun and fuels three coal-fired plants operated by TransAlta.

Currently, five pits are licensed in the mine. Highvale delivers more than 14 million tonnes of low-sulphur coal each year to TransAlta’s Sundance, Keephills and Keephills 3 thermal generating plants.

The Highvale Mine is a surface coal mine that involves salvaging of topsoil and subsoil for later replacement, then removing overlying rock layers to expose and extract coal reserves, followed by reclamation of the mined area.


SunHills Mining is planning to grow their operation. Currently, SunHills employs almost 600 United Steelworkers’ employees and more than 130 staff in areas that include mine operations, engineering, maintenance, safety, finance and administration.