What Positions Are High Mark Well Servicing Ltd Hiring For:

High Mark Well Servicing is seeking Full-Time Derrickhands and Floorhands for steady service rig company.  We have rigs working throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

A Little About High Mark Well Servicing Ltd:

High Mark Well Servicing Ltd. was founded in 2004 with two newly built B.W. Rigs, which was an excellent start to our company. Rig 3 became active December 2005. Built by B.W Rig, this single joins High Mark Well Servicing fleet.

Rig #4 was added to our fleet in June 2006 our first mobile double (tristeer, tridrive). Since then High Mark Well has added three more rigs to our fleet all being built new and adding innovation into previous rigs as we move forward.

We will build our company, in the coming years, using a steady and manageable focused approach. This enables us to maintain our High level of standards with respect to our crews and quality equipment.

Careers with High Mark Well Servicing Ltd:

High Mark Well Servicing Ltd. will not sacrifice our High safety and High performance reputation and the High quality of our crews and equipment in pursuit of growth.

Our home base is Drayton Valley, Alberta.  This central location positions us competitively to provide and perform work in all of Northern and Central Alberta.  Our forte is Completions, Workovers, Abandonments, Rod Repairs & Replacement and Swabbing. High Mark Well Servicing Ltd.’s employees are fully trained, dependable and experienced in safety policies.

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