Dynacorp Fabricators Inc is Hiring for:

Warehouse Personnel, 2nd yr Pipefitter Apprentice, Structural Welder Apprentice, Sub Arc Welder Longterm shop work, B-Pressure Welder for long-term shop work (Employee only), 1st Year Apprentice Pipefitter for Shop/Field work, Structural Welder (Employee Only for shop position), 1st year Pipefitter Apprentice, Pipefitter Apprentice, Warehouse Worker/Forklift Operator, 2nd yr Pipefitter Apprentice for longterm shop work, Structural Welder Apprentice, and more.

A Little Bit About Dynacorp Fabricators Inc

Dynacorp offers 100% ongoing field support for all sand management products.

For well over a decade dynacorp has provided quality solutions for exploration and production companies in north america.
We now offer total sand management solutions that suit any well flow data and all applications. Our in-house engineering and custom fabrication ensures the high standards of quality control.

Careers with Dynacorp Fabricators Inc

We have a variety of trades, technical, project management, sales administrative and managerial positions.

Working at dynacorp will give you exposure to different types of well site and facility equipment providing a variety of solutions for producing companies. We have earned a reputation as a technologically innovative company that is diligent in execution and achieves high quality.

We offer good pay and benefits.

More important, joining dynacorp will make you part of a team of motivated people who are contributing directly to the company’s success, and share in that success.

As well as working hard every day, we have a lot of fun together. That’s attested to by our high number of long-term, multi-year employees and managers.

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