What Positions Are They Hiring For:

Equipment Operators, Laborers, Bus Drivers, Parking Lot Attendants, Dispatchers, Supervisors, Childcare Attendants, Engineers, Social Workers, Refuse Collectors, Administrative Assistants, Tire Coordinators, Fleet Safety Officers, Peace Officers, Recreation Officers, Operations Technicians, Program Coordinators, Occupational Health Nurses, Coordinators, Directors, Supervisors, Buyers, Fitness Instructors, Finance Managers, Aquatic Fitness Instructors and more!

A Little About City Of Edmonton:

The City provides employees with a total compensation package that's competitive in the market and includes a combination of base salary, comprehensive benefits and a commitment to work/life balance.

Your opinions will be heard, your ideas will be valued and your contributions will be rewarded. It's a place where your career will thrive with endless opportunities. When you join the City, we take care of your future and your well-being. Also, we express our gratitude to our valued employees for a job well done.

Come work for the City of Edmonton - it's a choice you'll never regret!

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