What Positions Are Beaver Drilling Hiring For:

Beaver Drilling is looking for motivated, reliable and hard working individuals to join our team. They currently require Rig camp Cooks/attendants (starting wage $21.80/hr) and Field Employees (starting wage is $29/hour working 12-hour shifts). These positions are for rig camps across AB - Workers are also eligible for many of Beaver Drilling’s bonus programs. Living environments are either within a workplace camp or hotel within nearest town of worksite.

A Little About Beaver Drilling:

Beaver is Canada’s signature oil and gas drilling contractor, having been in successful operation since 1965. We combine our many decades of experience with performance drilling technology to meet the rigorous demands of today’s drilling markets. Reliable equipment, experienced personnel, and one of the best safety records in the industry, Beaver has everything it takes to succeed at today’s modern drilling industry.

Operating 9 highly mobile, premium drilling rigs throughout Alberta and BC, Beaver Drilling is tailored to focus on the long-reach horizontal drilling required in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Beaver has been a family run company since 1965. It has evolved into Canada’s largest privately owned drilling company. We have stayed true to our roots by promoting and fostering a company where everyone feels apart of the Beaver family. Beaver Drilling is truly a company where our people make the difference.

Careers with Beaver Drilling:

Life is good when you work beside great people as part of a winning team. At Beaver it isn’t just the paycheques, it’s the connections between people. At Beaver we know loyalty and excellence go hand in hand. We were the first Canadian-owned drilling contractor and we’ve stayed on top thanks to the commitment of lifelong employees who take pride in being the best at what they do. At every level – from entry level positions to rig management – Beaver delivers unparalleled service.

We have some of the most experienced employees in the entire drilling industry. Our core management team has remained the same for decades while cultivating new and younger talent to work as a part of the team. We welcome new employees into our ranks by providing them with some of the best training and mentorship programs in the industry. We retain our experience by providing a team oriented work environment where everyone can succeed.

Beaver Drilling Reviews:

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Ready To Get Started?

Use the following 2 methods to apply to and learn more about positions with Beaver Drilling:

  • Field employees apply here
  • Rig camp cooks & attendants apply here

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