It's little secret that the job situation in Calgary is dismal. There are fewer jobs in the oil and gas industry, and those jobs remaining have become incredibly difficult to get.

Thus, the unemployment rate sits still at 10%.

What's a poor unemployed oil and gas worker to do?

Adjusting Expectations

According to a recent CBC article, many job seekers in Calgary have had to 'put their ego in check', as it were.

Those who had been accustomed to lofty, $100k+ jobs with perks and stutus are now faced with the proposition of taking a much lower ranking position in addition to less pay.

A local Calgary staffing company was quote saying "The companies are not hiring back at the same price that they had these people before. They're going in offering less."

Diamonds in the rough

We did some quick searching, and were able to find 5 construction / labourer positions listed as 'available' in Calgary that will pay more than $50,000 per year.

5 over 50

All is not lost - here's 5 jobs that actually don't look too bad:

Landscaper - Saunders Construction Ltd. - Calgary, AB $28.29 - $29.00 an hour

Foreman/Woman, heavy-duty equipment operators - Contour Earthmoving Ltd - Rocky View, AB $36 an hour

Supervisor, heavy equipment operators - Urban Projects Corp. - Calgary, AB $25 - $35 an hour


Site Superintendent Shackleton Duke Ltd - $90,000 a year

Landscape Supervisor (NOC 8255) - Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc $25 an hour

Good luck!