As with every industry, the mining industry often falls victim to stereotyping. All we typically see of the mining industry is the poster of the hard-working man, safety gear on, out in the elements. Because this is how the industry is often portrayed, this is what we envision when we think of jobs in mining. In actuality, the mining industry is incredibly diverse. There are a variety of processes that take place behind the scenes, meaning there are jobs available that we are not often aware of, or that we did not know were existent in the industry. Understanding the different types of mining jobs is important for anyone who is interested in entering the industry, and may open up opportunities to those who thought the industry was not for them.


The construction aspect of mining involves the most physical jobs the industry employs. It is typically outdoors, hands on type work, such as clearing land, building infrastructure, and breaking up the ground.

Equipment Operators

Mining involves a team of machinery and equipment, including drills, blasters, dozers, crushers, etc. to complete various tasks day in and day out. This means that employees who are capable of operating these pieces of equipment are an integral part of the jobs getting done.


These positions generally require applicants to hold an Engineering Degree. The engineers are the teams that turn visions for equipment, processes, and products into designs, and then bring these designs to life. They are constantly trying to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment used in mines and the processes by which things get done.


This job description is exactly as it sounds: these workers explore the given areas in search of the best place to mine. They look for resources and valuable substances under the ground, such as minerals, oil, natural gas, etc.


The operations sector of the mining industry includes positions such as: vice president, general manager, chief engineer, etc. These roles are typically in charge of planning and overseeing the completion of various jobs and projects.

Human Resources

Every company in every industry has some form of an HR department. Human resources are the department that handles tasks such as the hiring process, employee relations, payroll, and training.

A Team Effort

While some of these jobs are higher paying, some require strenuous labour, some have educational requirements and some don’t, they each play an integral part in the day-to-day operations of the industry. No matter your experience, your ambitions, or your skills, if you wish to work in the mining industry you are likely to find a position that is suitable to you.