If you’re looking to get a job in the oil fields this year, it’s always best to pay close attention to the latest trends in the job market. Otherwise you may have a difficult time finding a job and this will make it nearly impossible to earn the high paying income that you deserve.

Remember, you worked hard and spent many years in school to gain the ability to work in the oil fields. You do not want to throw this opportunity away by making foolish mistakes because that would be a real shame, wouldn’t it?

On a side note, once you get the job it’s possible that you can get hurt. Hiring a San Francisco employer disability insurance lawyer could be the difference of receiving full benefits or not. It’s best to have a professional in your corner to help you during your time of need, so think about getting a disability attorney if the worst were ever to happen.

Think about Looking for Work in the Offshore Oil and Gas Market

You may not realize this, but the offshore oil and gas market is really heating up at this point and it’s been like that for a while. If you truly want to become a professional in this field, remember that the competition is strong but there are jobs available for those who are willing to put in the work.

In fact, some of the best places to earn high salaries roughly $80,000-$90,000 are in Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway. So you may want to consider relocating to one of these hot markets if you’re having a tough time finding a solid oilfield job in the states.

Some people would rather not relocate and this is fully understandable. So you have to think about your personal situation and base your decision from there. Remember, you also have the option of working in an offshore market for a short while to save your money, get established in the industry, and then maybe consider relocating back to the states when an opportunity arises.

Get Your Petroleum Engineering Degree from the Right Oil School

If you’re thinking about entering the high-tech oil industry and you haven’t become a student yet, you should seriously consider going for your petroleum engineering degree from one of the available oil schools in Louisiana or Texas. It seems that graduates from these institutions have a much easier time getting oilfield jobs in the states.

In fact, if you graduate from one of the schools, you should have no trouble landing a job in Texas sooner rather than later. If all else fails, you have the opportunity to get an offshore job in the interim until you can land the job you’ve always wanted in Texas or Louisiana.

Enter into the Right Field to Get Oil and Gas Jobs

Landing your dream job is going to be a lot easier if you have a degree in the right field. So, if you haven’t completed your schooling just yet – or you’re willing to go back to change your focus – you should consider learning the tricks of the trade in fields like mechanical engineering, design engineering, reservoir engineering, pipeline engineering, petroleum engineering, process engineering, production engineering, environment management, and electrical engineering to name a few excellent areas of study.

By focusing on these areas, you’ll be able to find an oil feel related job relatively quickly, although there is certainly competition for these positions. At the same time, companies are definitely looking for qualified applicants in these areas so your odds of getting a good job increase because you’ve focused on the right field.

Final Thoughts

Please use this advice to land the perfect oilfield job. Remember to use online time tracking software like Clockspot to keep track of your hours and make sure your employer is paying you the appropriate amount based on your workload. Finally, if you’re having a tough time landing a job, pay attention to the trends and don’t give up because your ideal job is waiting for you right around the corner.