Money in the oil and gas industry usually comes with a sacrifice that has to be made - a sacrifice that sometimes we may think isn't worth the money.

The sacrifice that I'm referring to, which I'm sure you already know... is being apart from our families.

I've been in the oil and gas industry for just over 5 years now, the majority of that time I was forced to spend out of town residing in camps or hotels. This isn't the life style for a lot of people; it requires a very tough mind set, and especially when you have a family at home.

Staying away from your loved ones can be tough. Thankfully, we often have great co-workers who support us and get us through it. And, at then at the end of the day, when we go back to our camp or hotel rooms and take that phone call, facetime or skype from that special someone, it gives us the strength to get through that next day.

But we have something even bigger to look at - our families that are at home without us.

Especially the families that have children and one parent that's at home watching over them while mommy/daddy is out of town working.

I can't say I have experience being a stay at home dad for my child, but I can say I see how hard it can be at times.

The stay at home parent usually doesn't get enough credit where its due. They do so much behind the scene stuff, whether it be changing a diaper or preparing food at each meal. Day after day... that work adds up without help, and can be very hard mentally on that parent.

Sometimes It can be tough for us who are away working to support them mentally.  Sometimes we know how much they are doing, but we just have so much on our plate with work that we forget to remind them how much we appreciate what they do for us. This is somewhere we all should improve on - self included.

Our families deserve the world for doing this while were away. We put those long hours in each day to give our families everything they want in life.

That's the sacrifice - you make great money, but have to be away from your family.

It takes a strong relationship to do this, if you have been doing it for a while, its safe to say yous are meant for each other.

The Oil and Gas Industry has so much opportunity to better our lives. We all start at the bottom, whether it be working in -40 rough necking on a rig, or helping a welder in a shop.

We all share the same dream.

A great life for our family.