Typical Requirements for working in Camp jobs:

Remote camp jobs typically offer an 'x' days on, 'x' days off rotation. For your time on, you are expected to stay on camp, working 10-12 hour shifts. For off days, you are either flown or given bus transportation to you place of residence, or a nearby major center.

Accommodations in remote camps have evolved dramatically over the last 20 years. The once stoic 'single bunk' accommodations have been replaced with sprawling town-like centers with entertainment facilities, convinience stores, world class exercise facilities and more. Some work camps, however, still remain fairly basic. It largely depends on the location, and the company itself.

Beyond this, requirements vary greatly depending on the role itself. As a general rule, the following apply to most positions.

  • Must have previous experience working in an industrial setting
  • Must not have a ciminal record
  • Must be comforatable working in isolation, away from family / friends
  • Must successfully complete pre-access drug and alcohol testing (typically, but not always)

Types of Jobs Available in Camp:

Support: Cooks, Bakers, Laundry, Security, HR, Chef, Housekeeper, Camp Attendant, Camp Manager, Health & Safety, & More.

Trades: Dispatchers, Winch Truck Drivers, Rig Operators, Rig Hands, Floor Hands, Derrick Hands, Service Supervisors, Swampers, Truck Drivers,  Ops Admin Support, Hot Oil Unit Operator & more.

Who's Hiring

The following is a list of companies that post remote camp jobs on occasion. Click the links to learn more about each of these companies where available.

We'll update this as we find new openings. Good Luck!

  • Suncor Energy Services
  • Civeo 
  • Clean Harbors
  • Total Oilfield Rentals
  • Right Choice Camps & Catering
  • FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp
  • Cenovus Energy
  • Hirt's Vacuum Truck Service
  • Kodiak Services Partnership
  • Horizon North 
  • Maxx North America Services Ltd
  • Bulldog Energy Group
  • Allstar Oilfield Contractors
  • HD Energy Rentals
  • Redrock Camps INC.
  • First Canada ULC
  • Orich Transport LTD
  • Total Camp Services LTD
  • Westcan Bulk Transport
  • V.D.M Trucking Services
  • United Pipeline Systems Limited
  • Compass Group Canada
  • Bowen
  • Weir Group PLC
  • PSI Industrial - Mechanical
  • Rig Rug Rentals Ltd
  • Ketek Group Inc
  • Progress Energy Canada Ltd 
  • Hughson Trucking Inc
  • Mullen Oilfield Services L.P.
  • David Aplin Group
  • NES Global Talent
  • Grammer Tech Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Mobile Medical Services
  • Cantest
  • Torch Industries Ltd. 
  • Mostar Directional Technologies
  • United Safety LTD. 
  • Stingray Well Solutions Inc.
  • Terracore Rentals
  • Black Diamond Group
  • Brion Energy
  • SLH Picker Service & Piledriving
  • Raise Production Inc.
  • Nuna Logistics
  • Eagle Professional Resources Inc. 
  • Sanjel Energy Services Inc.