With an increase in demand for alternate energy sources, now may be the time to start your career in renewable energy in Alberta.

Although 91% of Alberta’s electricity is generated from fossil fuels, the remaining 9% comes from renewables such as biomass, wind, hydro and solar.

While the renewable energy industry does require certification and licensing for specialized positions, many jobs are available for general trade workers ranging from Labourers, Helpers and Safety jobs to other positions involved in more familiar to the the oil and gas industry such as Equipment Operators, Welders, Millwrights, Pipefitters & Electricans.

Keep reading to learn more about the types of renewable energy sources being explored in Alberta as well as the jobs available and where to find them:


Bioenergy is energy produced from renewable sources such as biological material and biomass. Biomass refers to plant material that can be turned into fuel such as forestry residues, wet waste, and food waste.

In Alberta, there are many potential sources for bioenergy including corn, canola, forestry waste, and livestock waste with a variety of programs launched to encourage the development and production of biofuels.

If you’re looking for a career in bioenergy, here are some job positions you should look out for:

  • Biofuels Processing Technicians (high school/equivalent, certification)
  • Biofuels Production Managers (bachelor’s degree, certification)
  • Biomass Plant Technicians (high school/equivalent, certification)
  • Biomass Production Managers (bachelor’s degree, certification, license)

You can also look into available job openings with the following bioenergy companies in Alberta:

  • Slave Lake Pulp (Mitsue)
  • Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries (Boyle)
  • West Fraser Mill (Hinton)
  • Lethbridge Biogas LP (Lethbridge)

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is thermal energy, that is contained within the fractures and pores of the Earth’s crust in reservoirs of hot water that produce steam.

While geothermal energy has yet to take the spotlight in Alberta, the idea is picking up steam. The government of Alberta is working to attract new investments in geothermal energy in order to diversify the province’s energy industry.

When it comes to a career in geothermal energy, these job positions are ones to look out for:

  • Geothermal Technicians (high school/equivalent, certification, license)
  • Geothermal Production Managers (bachelor’s degree, certification)

Companies to watch out for:

  • Razor Energy (Calgary)
  • Eavor Technologies (Calgary)
  • Borealis GeoPower (Calgary)

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy involves generating electricity from flowing water. Historically, hydropower has been one of Alberta’s most important sources of energy with some of the province’s earliest power-generating stations involving hydroelectricity.

In the hydroelectric industry, there are two key occupations worth checking out:

  • Hydroelectrical Plant Technicians (high school/equivalent, certification)
  • Hydroelectrical Production Managers (bachelor’s degree, certification)

Also, take a look at some of the top players when it comes to hydroelectric energy:

  • TransAlta (Calgary)
  • Government of Alberta

Solar Energy

Solar energy comes from the sun and can be captured by solar panels to create the “photovoltaic effect” in which silicon panels harness the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity.

Alberta has recently experienced a huge increase in the use of solar energy, making this an up-and-coming industry to get involved with.

If you are, here are the key positions to take a look at:

  • Solar Energy Systems Engineers (bachelor’s degree, certification, license)
  • Solar Thermal Installers and Technicians (high school/equivalent, certification, license)
  • Solar Energy Installation Managers (high school/equivalent, certification, license)
  • Find Solar Jobs in Alberta here.

You should also take note of the following Alberta companies involved with solar energy:

  • Solar Alberta (Calgary)
  • Solarwind Renewable Energy (Lethbridge)
  • Travers Solar (Calgary)

Wind Energy

Wind energy, or wind power, is created by using wind to provide mechanical power to wind turbines that turn electric generators to create electrical power. 

Alberta has become the third-largest market for wind power in Canada with 957 wind turbines situation across the province. Wind energy is the lowest-cost source of renewable energy in Alberta.

In order to continue the success of wind energy, the following positions are required:

  • Wind Energy Engineers
  • Wind Energy Project Managers

Check out these top players in the wind energy industry:

  • TransAlta (Calgary)
  • Enmax (Calgary)
  • NextEra Energy (Florida - Operates in Alberta)

General Positions in the Renewable Energy Industry

The above-mentioned job positions are very specific to the renewable energy industry but the industry requires a variety of skills and expertise in order to operate successfully.

Even if you don’t have any specializations in renewable energy, you can easily find a renewable energy job in Alberta through the following careers:

Where to Start

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