Oil and gas companies in Alberta are struggling to hire enough labor to meet demand and this can negatively impact the energy sector’s growth.

Although the oil and gas industry in Alberta is on a rebound, the province is facing a new problem: there are not enough workers.

With the price of oil climbing over the past several months, it is assumed that this would boost energy production in Alberta. However, the industry is facing a serious shortage of workers.

In 2014, the recession tanked the price of oil and forced many workers out of a job. Since then, oil consumption has returned to nearly pre-pandemic levels.

Even during the economic downturn, when the oil and gas sector was hit harder than any other, it remained one of the strongest industries in the world. 

While this is good news for the industry, companies across the province are struggling to hire enough laborers to meet the growing demand for oil.

Where Did the Workers Go?

Pitbull Energy Services based in Edmonton is currently looking to recruit around 100 truck drivers but they're finding it difficult to attract qualified individuals. Currently, they are running at 60% capacity according to the President and CEO of the company.

Family-run businesses, such as Wynn Machine and Manufacturing, are short-staffed as well, looking to hire additional workers to round out their teams.

The problem lies in a lack of skilled workers looking for jobs. 

According to the Canadian Association of Energy Contractors, many skilled workers moved on during the recession. They have either moved further west for work or have gone back home to Central and Eastern Canada.

This labor shortage began in 2021 with workers waiting for stability before jumping back into the industry. 

If staffing issues such as this continue to persist, the oil and gas industry will have issues growing production throughout the country. Without skilled workers and their expertise, the industry cannot continue to grow.

This means that the country will not be able to supply its domestic market with energy products and support the growing demand for energy.

Is This Good News for Skilled Workers?

If you have the skills and expertise, this situation has certainly created many opportunities for jobs throughout the oil and gas industry. Many companies are now offering incentives such as signing bonuses to attract workers.

However, family-run businesses can’t compete with these incentives but are opting instead to offer flexible hours which is beneficial to workers - especially those with families.

With the majority of the workforce not as interested in putting in as many hours as possible compared to the past, the promise of a better work-life balance is appealing to many laborers in the oil and gas industry.

Where Can I Find These Jobs in Alberta?

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