It’s no secret that the oilfields of Alberta comprise the backbone of the province’s economy. The oil and gas industry is vital to maintaining and creating jobs in Alberta.

In fact, oil and gas development supports 30% of all economic activity in the province! It has also created over 410,000 jobs for Albertans with around 20,000 companies relying on oil and gas activity.

Even with recent economical setbacks, improving energy prices and an increase in fuel demand means that core industry employment is back on the rise. In January of 2021, employment levels were 23% higher than they were in January of 2020.


With Alberta’s oil and gas industry adjusting to economic changes, employment is projected to continually rise. Now may be a good time to consider what jobs are available in the Alberta oilfields and where to find them.

Oilfield Jobs Available in Alberta

When it comes to working in the oilfields, there are many valuable positions that are required in the extraction, production and transportation of oil and gas products.

When it comes to entry-level oilfield jobs, manual labor positions such as a Floorhand are a great way to get your foot in the door. With time and experience, you can work your way to a Motorhand and eventually a Derrickhand.

From there you can work your way into the position of Driller (also known as a Rig Operator) - a position that is second-in-command to the Rig Manager (the senior-most supervisor of a rig).

No matter how you get involved in the oil and gas industry, there are many great opportunities for hands-on learning and advancement within a company.

Let’s look at the above-mentioned positions in a bit more detail:

  • Floorhand: Floorhands assist crew members by performing tasks such as cleaning work areas and equipment as well as using hand and power tools.
  • Motorhand: Motorhands supervise the Floorhands but are responsible for maintaining engines and other machinery. 
  • Derrickhand: Derrickhands report to the Driller and their job is to work on top of the derrick and guide the stands of the drill pipes.
  • Driller: The Driller is in charge of the crew and also running the rig by monitoring its activity.
  • Rig Manager: Rig Managers are responsible for the operations of the rig as well as managing personnel and the financial aspects of running a rig.

All in all, these are simply a few of the positions available in Alberta’s oilfields. The industry also relies on laborers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and more to make the extraction, production and transportation of oil and gas products possible!

Where to Find Oilfield Jobs in Alberta

While you may be tempted to send out your resume to every oil and gas company in Alberta, don’t be surprised if you hear nothing back. Oftentimes, companies are receiving so many resumes that yours may simply get lost in the void.

Finding a job in the oilfields takes some strategy and focus. Here are some tips for finding work in the Alberta oilfields:

  • Ask for a job. Instead of emailing your resume to a company, visit them in person. Ask questions about available positions and discuss your experience and skills.
  • Network. The oil and gas industry is a community and getting a recommendation from someone involved in the industry can help you get a job.
  • Social media. Not everyone knows someone in the oil and gas industry, so social media is a great way to involve yourself in conversations and pick up on job leads.
  • Employment agencies. Employment agencies can help you not only find jobs but put you in contract positions to help you gain experience.
  • Trade schools. Many trade schools include job placement in their programs. It may be worth looking into taking a course or two to help you secure a job in the oilfields.
  • Job sites. There are many job sites out there that specifically list job postings in the oil and gas industry. Check out our Oilfield Jobs in Alberta!

When it comes to companies to apply for, here three of the major players in Alberta’s oilfields:

  • Suncor Energy Inc. - Suncor is an energy company focused on developing petroleum resource basins in Alberta - specifically in the Athabasca’s oil sands.
  • Imperial Oil Limited - Imperial Oil operates Upstream, Downstream and Chemical production in three major oil sands: Peace River, Athabasca and Cold Lake.
  • Husky Energy - This international company is based in Calgary and operates Upstream and Downstream segments throughout the province.

Ready to Get to Work?

Despite the current global situation, Alberta is still Canada’s hotspot when it comes to working in the oilfields.

If you’re ready to get to work, check out Energy Job Shop’s job postings for positions in Alberta!