Are you looking for an entry-level job in the deep south of the United States?

While major oil players such as Texas may come immediately to mind, it may be time to consider its close neighbor Louisiana.

Louisiana is a state rich in oil and gas resources and one of the perfect places to find entry-level oilfield, pipeline and refinery jobs.

Keep reading to find out more about Lousiana’s oilfield industry and what type of entry-level jobs you should expect to find there:


Louisiana’s Oilfield Industry

Located at the mouth of the Mississippi River and situated in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is a state rich in undersea oil resources and the ideal location to receive, refine and transport oil and natural gas.

The first oil well in Louisiana was discovered in 1901 with offshore oil extraction beginning in 1947. By 2014, almost a quarter-million wells had been drilled.

Oil production slowed down in 2005 when Hurricane Rita and Katrina hit the area hard and again in 2008 when the Deepwater Horizon disaster spilled 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

However, by 2020, the industry contributed $73 billion to the state GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and supported over 240,000 jobs.

In fact, oil and gas operations make up approximately 10% of the state’s jobs with many positions offering annual wages above the state average.

So if you’re interested in getting involved with Louisiana’s lucrative oil and gas industry, you should consider looking into entry-level jobs - many of which require no previous experience!

Landing an Entry-Level Job With No Experience

Even if you don’t have any experience, there are certain expectations when it comes to applying to entry-level jobs.

For instance, you should be in good physical form. Many entry-level oilfield, pipeline and refinery jobs require you to do some fairly heavy lifting throughout the day. You should also ensure that you are medically able to operate machinery.

When you’re looking at entry-level positions, be prepared to work long hours and possibly relocate as you get started.

Lastly, make sure you have the necessary protective gear such as glasses, gloves and boots as well a valid driver’s license or CDL.

Investing your time and resources into oilfield-specific training will definitely give you a competitive edge as well. However, many entry-level jobs are included in apprenticeship programs where you can learn hands-on and work at the same time!

When you are looking for entry-level jobs in Louisiana, pay attention to job postings. Oftentimes, companies will say they are looking for 5 years of experience but they may be willing to hire on someone fresh to the industry!

Now that you know how to embark on a career in the oil and gas industry with no experience, let’s look at some of the entry-level oilfield, pipeline and refinery jobs in the state of Louisiana:

Entry-Level Oilfield Jobs


A Roustabout is a manual laborer who helps keep oil and gas rigs running safely and efficiently by maintaining equipment. This is a common entry-level position in the oilfields that does not require any formal education.


Floorhands/Roughnecks perform routine inspections and maintenance on oilfield equipment. They ensure that both the equipment and operators work according to regulations and standards.


Laborers are workers in the oilfield that perform a variety of manual tasks such as painting, repairing, cleaning, installing and driving. Many companies specifically look for inexperienced laborers to hire and train.

Entry-Level Pipeline Jobs


Pipeliners are responsible for preparing locations for pipelines to be laid as well as scheduling maintenance and surveys of pipelines and relevant equipment. They may also be required to carry out safe and reasonable repairs. 

Gas Pumpers Operators

Gas Pumpers Operators operate and maintain the equipment that pumps oils - this involves installing pump systems and monitoring pumping rates. They are also responsible for setting pump pressure, density, rate and concentration to maintain project efficiency.


Entry-level welder jobs on pipelines are typically considered to be “assistant” positions, where they help the skilled welders perform their duties. This often includes supplying and holding materials as well as maintaining clean equipment and work areas.

Entry-Level Refinery Jobs


Millwrights are skilled workers who install, dismantle, reassemble, maintain and repair machinery and equipment found in refineries. This is an apprentice job, so most companies will only take you on if you are already enrolled in a training program.

Refinery Operator

Refinery Operators control the equipment systems within a refinery that process natural gas or oil into specific products. Other responsibilities include monitoring pressure and flow as well as reading gauges and adjusting valves as necessary.

Job Opportunities in Louisiana

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