Is Energy Job Shop Legit? How Does Energy Job Shop Work and is it a Scam?

Top 5 reasons the Energy Job Shop Platform is Legit:

  1. The EJS model is unique in that it is Ad-supported, and that the revenue generated via these ads is used to further promote the website. This is a significant factor that plays into our large volume of website traffic. You may, at times, see jobs on our website sponsored on Google, Facebook and other popular social media platforms. We can assure you, that these jobs are legitamate and are not a scam. That being said, these jobs can be seen 100's of thousands of times in mere hours, so it's possible these job postings are filled and may no longer be available.
  2. Energy Job Shop has helped over 100+ oil, gas and energy based companies fill their recruitment pipeline with our sponsored packages. If you're an employer, and want to drive thousands of qualified applicants to your hiring pipeline - give us a shout!
  3. Unlike some companies who pad their stats with ‘bot’ traffic and invalid users, our stats are all backed up via the industry standard: Google Analytics. You can read about our website statisitics and demographics here.
  4. In keeping with our mission of “simplifying the energy recruitment process by putting more good people back to work”, many of the jobs on our website have been sourced through members of the EJS community. This means a contributing member has alerted us to a hiring opportunity they feel would be ‘share worthy’; EJS subsequently vets and verifies this lead, and if appropriate, adds to our database of free jobs which may be further distributed via our digital media channels.
  5. We have sponsored and attended multiple job fairs in Canada and the USA. We're human!

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