Canada has the third largest mining supply in the world. In the last couple of years, the industry has accounted for nearly 20% of the country’s good exports, and has contributed over $50 billion to the country’s GDP. It’s no surprise that individuals from all over the country, and even the world, seek employment in Canada’s thriving mining industry. Despite the country’s recent economic downturn, the mining companies downsizing, and the slowdown in growth, it is still one of the strongest industries in Canada. How, though, does one find a job in this industry? Below, we’ve outline a few helpful tips for how to get a mining job in Northern Canada.

Understand Recruitment Cycles

As with any industry, the mining industry has cycles. Seasons where the work load is less, and therefore less workers are needed, and seasons where production picks up and problems arise, which is when they typically will hire on extra hands. If you understand the cycle of the companies you are applying to, you will know when to apply for the job to increase your chances of being selected. The busier the season, the more available positions the company offers, the higher the chance you will be hired. In this industry, it is typically the colder winter months that are busier, and therefore provide more employment opportunity.

Tailor Your Resume

Do not send a copy and paste resume and cover letter to every company. Companies look for resume’s that stand out, and that show interest in them particularly. Do some background research on the company you are applying with. Address your cover letter to them specifically, and speak as to why you feel you would be an asset to their team. Touch base on the company’s mission or values, and assess how they align with your own.

Obtain Desired Tickets

Essentially all jobs that involve being on site will require you to hold various safety tickets. While these tickets are not requirements for being hired, you will need to obtain them before you can start the job. If you are aware of what tickets are required of the jobs you are applying for, you could complete the courses prior to applying (the courses are typically 1 day, in person courses). By showing the potential employers that you are already ticketed, you show initiative and preparedness. Employers will more than likely choose the candidate who already has the safety tickets, over an equally qualified candidate who does not.

Showcase Willingness to Work Away

These mining jobs, especially in Northern Canada, often require employees to work away from home in camps, often for long periods of time. These camps may be close to home, or require a fly in/fly out schedule. Either way, ensure the company knows you are aware and willing to commit to these types of arrangements.

Start Looking

As you can see, there a few extra steps you can take during your mining job search that may increase your chances of getting hired. By applying during the busy season, appealing to the company, showing extra qualifications, and your willingness to accept the less than desirable scheduling, you should stand out from the other candidates in the hiring pool. Even with the downturn, mining is one of Canada’s largest and most successful industries. Follow these tips, do your research, and don’t give up.

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