Looking for a job in the oil and gas industry can be overwhelming – especially in the aftermath of the most recent economic downturn.

For someone who is making a career change from a different field, someone who is newly graduated from their post-secondary program, or someone who is well seasoned in the field and is looking for a fresh start after the recession or simply wants a change of scenery, finding a job is not always easy – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Luckily for all of you, the economy is on the mend, meaning job prospects in the oil and gas industry, one of North America’s largest industries, are consistently growing with each day that passes – literally. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Halliburton – they recently went from having 350 job openings to having 400 job openings, once again, literally, overnight.

Intrigued? That’s why we are here. Breaking news: Halliburton is hiring big time across North America at the moment, and we are here to help you by giving you all the insider tips and tricks on how to get a job with Halliburton.

What Is Halliburton?

Sure, the first thing you are probably wondering is what is Halliburton? Halliburton is an oilfield services company – but not just any oilfield services company. Founded in 1919, Halliburton has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of both products and services to the energy sector. The company’s headquarters are currently located in Houston, Texas, USA and Dubai, UAE – but their products and services serve clients spanning over 80 countries, and their 55,000 employees represent an impressive 140 different nationalities.

Halliburton offers a broad variety of oil and gas related products and services to their numerous clients through 14 different product service lines (PSL’s) that operate in two main divisions, with those being: Drilling and Evaluation, and Completion and Production.

Within these two divisions, the 14 different PSL’s offered are: Artificial Lift, Cementing, Completion Tools, Multi-Chem, Pipeline and Process Services, Production Enhancement, Production Solutions, Baroid, Drill Bits and Services, Landmark Software and Services, Sperry Drilling, Testing and Subsea, Wireline and Perforating, and Consulting and Product Management.

Halliburton is a diverse company, with opportunities for individuals interested in a variety of career types and with, essentially, any skill set and experience level.

Why Should You Consider A Job With Halliburton?

The second thing you are probably wondering is why is Halliburton a company that you should want to work for? As you can see from how large and diversified the company and its product and service range is, Halliburton is a great option for anyone.

They offer potential to those of you with little to no experience or education in the field with positions in various types of labour they require, but also offer a range of jobs for those of you transitioning from, essentially, any other industry – whether you are in business, engineering, education, or even the medical industry – there is more than likely a need for what you do. Not only does Halliburton have a place for everyone, they strive to be top employers.

The Halliburton Commitment is To Enhance the Economic and Social Well Being of Their Employees and The Communities in Which They Operate. They value their employees and the work they do, and show their appreciation through competitive compensation plans, extensive health benefits, inclusive work-life balance programs, and a variety of reward and incentive plans. So the real question here is why wouldn’t you want to work for Halliburton?

Tips For Landing A Job With Halliburton

So now that you are interested in landing a job with this company, we are here to help you.

How To Apply

Halliburton offers three main application methods: Campus Recruiting, Online Applications, and Employee Referrals. The method with the highest percentage of interviews landed is campus recruiting, with 46% of applications getting pushed forward to the interview stage – good news for all of you recent grads!

Career fairs exist for a reason. They are a great way to network with potential employers and get face-to-face time with individuals already involved with the company. Online applications see 29% percent of applicants reaching the interview stage – almost 1/3, not bad odds! – and employee referrals have an interview rate of only 10%. The numbers don’t lie – campus recruiting and online applications are definitely the best ways to go about applying for your desired position with Halliburton.

Interview Prep

According to a number of personal reviews regarding the interview processes at Halliburton, there are three types of questions you should be prepared to answer over the course of your interviews with the company.

  1. Typical, straightforward questions about yourself and the experience and skills you’ve outlined in your resume. These are mostly to determine whether or not you have the basic skills and knowledge to perform the job duties required of the position you are applying for.
  2. Situational questions, geared at giving the interviewer a better look at how you have or would react in certain types of possible circumstances, both positive and negative. These types of questions are intended to highlight strengths and weaknesses in your character.
  3. Technical questions, based specifically on aspects of the education or training you would have received that qualify you for the position in question. These are intended to test your knowledge on the subject and the processes you will be involved in.

If you can master your answers to these three categories of questions, you will only increase your chances of acing your interview(s) with Halliburton.

Apply Today!

The only thing standing in the way of your new career at Halliburton Oilfield Services is yourself. Use our tips and tricks, apply today, and you will be on your way to a promising career in the oil and gas industry in no time!