As reported by Lakeland PBS, construction is officially underway on the Line 3 replacement project in Minnesota.

This comes after years of legal battles and permits.

According to Line 3 Mainline Construction Director Barry Simonson, starting in the snowier months is "advantageous in some ways".

All of the construction down the entire 300-plus mile long pipe will be done simultaneously.

Enbridge says their main goal has always been the safety of the environment and its workers. Extra precautions have been put in place, such as daily COVID-19 tests, along with wearing a mask even when working outdoors.

The timeline for the completion of the project is between six and nine months.

Here's where you can find work:

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Operations Technicians Jobs via Linkedin - Listed as an entry level position posted on December 16th, expiring on Jan 3rd 2021.

Frontier Energy Jobs - One of the two Tier 1 Providers for inspections services. They are currently accepting API 1169 certified resumes.

Precision Pipeline (External) - Listed as a contractor via the news story on Lakeland PBS. At the time of this post, no jobs were listed on their careers page, but according their site resumes may be send to [email protected]