Work with Oil Companies

According to the International Labor Organization, nearly 6 million people are directly employed by the oil and gas industry worldwide. 

Yes, we all know the pay is good, but there must be more reasons to join this industry, right?

Apart from amazing salaries, there are other great benefits you can experience by working in the oil and gas industry - and many of them you won’t find anywhere else.

Ready to learn more? Here are 6 benefits you can usually only get in the oil and gas industry:


1. Competitive Health Benefits

Oil and gas companies employ a diverse range of employees and these populations consume healthcare differently. Because of this, it’s important for the industry to offer competitive health benefits that meet the needs of all employees.

For this reason, many companies will offer tailored health and medical benefits. Junior employees, for example, can receive a lower and more appropriate level of benefits compared to those in senior positions.

Plus, with so many companies in other industries reducing healthcare benefits to cust costs, those in the oil and gas industry area actually using benefits packages to attract workers and keep them around.

2. Advancement Opportunities

The oil and gas industry offers exciting career opportunities as well as the opportunity for advancement. You can start with a high school diploma in an entry-level job and work your way to the top!

Even though highly experienced professionals will always be in demand in this industry, many workers from the Baby Boomer generation are beginning to retire, leaving many companies desperate to fill job openings.

These companies are often willing to hire students and high school graduates and provide them with training in order to develop their careers.

If you’re committed to excelling, companies are willing to invest in your career growth.

3. Ongoing Learning and Training

Providing ongoing learning and training not only benefits the employees of the oil and gas industry but the companies as well. Ensuring that employees are trained and learning new skills increases productivity and improves overall performance.

For those working in the oil and gas industry, this is a key factor in retention and career advancement. Companies will want to hang on to those employees they have invested in and help them along their career path.

This means that individuals can begin their careers in entry-level positions and advance through the ranks. 

It also means that employees are constantly up-to-date with current safety and health information, reducing risks of accidents and injuries while on the job.

4. Work-Life Balance

One defining aspect of working in the oil and gas industry is the long hours required by workers as well as the time spent away from home.

Oil and gas companies recognize this struggle and will offer flexible working conditions as well as recreational activities and time off.

Not only does this help employees avoid stress and burnout, it also increases overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

5. Travel Opportunities

The oil and gas industry spans the entire globe, meaning that it is highly possible that you could end up traveling to different countries between project locations.

Also, some oil jobs involve working on land while others on rigs on the water, or offshore jobs

Not only does this mean you can diversify your work environment but also avoid burnout from following the same routine day-in and day-out.

If you’re not interested in jet setting while working for the oil and gas industry, there are many opportunities to travel within your own region from site to site.

Either way, you can still benefit from travel and have the opportunity to see new places around the world!

6. Competitive Salaries

It’s no secret that working in the oil and gas industry pays well. In fact, it is one of the highest-paid industries in the world!

And just as there is an abundance of advancement opportunities, especially for entry-level workers, there is potential to increase your earnings over time.

Technical positions like drilling engineers, pipeline operators, geoscientists and field engineers are in high demand which means the salaries for these jobs are high as well.

Unlike other industries, as the cost of oil rises so too do the salaries of oil and gas employees.

Ready to Get Started?

Your career in the oil and gas industry is waiting just around the corner! Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits this industry can provide?

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