Even with the downtown in Alberta’s economy, many hopefuls still flock to Alberta in hopes of finding a job.

Typically, these individuals are looking for jobs in the oil and gas industry, which despite its recent struggles, remain one of, if not the, biggest industry in Alberta.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is not always easy to get a job in this industry, especially with the cutbacks that are taking place.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible, even for those with no previous experience in the oilfields.

Below, we’ve outlined 5 ways to find an oilfield job in Alberta with no experience, for those of you who may be new to the industry.

Tip #1: Use the Experience You Do Have, Even if it’s Not Oilfield Experience

The oil and gas industry is incredibly diverse. While there are certain positions that are specific only to the industry, there are also oilfield jobs available for individuals with a range of professional backgrounds, for example: Cooks, Engineers, Mechanics, Medics, Renewables etc.

Take your previous experience and education into consideration when looking for a job in the oilfield. You may just be able to find a position requiring the same unique skills you already have.

Tip #2: Show that You are Willing and Able to Travel for Work and Work the Long Hours Needed

Oilfield jobs differ from your typical 9-5 jobs. They will often require you to travel and stay in camps. This is because many plants are too far away for a daily commute, and they usually need to have workers onsite 24/7 in case of any problems.

Let your potential employer know you are able and willing to work away in camps, and that you are able to work the various lengths of shifts required.

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Tip #3: Apply During the Winter, When Demand Rises

Demand for oilfield workers typically rises in the colder months. Generally speaking, more problems tend to arise in the winter months, as the ground and equipment start to freeze. Applying during the winter can better your chances of finding a job, as more jobs will be available.

Tip #4: Take Some Ticket Courses Beforehand to Improve Your Resume

Most positions in the oilfield will require employees to hold certain safety tickets. Taking some of the required courses (which usually take 1-2 days per course) and receiving the necessary safety tickets (such as WHMIS and H2S) will give you an advantage over those who do not have these tickets.

Tip #5: Look for More General Positions that Will Have More Available Spots and Require Less Training

If there are no jobs available that relate to your previous experience, try looking for more general positions, such as labour. These types of jobs will often have larger work teams, meaning more available jobs, and are less skill-specific. This means they will require less training, giving someone with no previous experience a better chance of being a successful candidate for the job.


These 5 ways to find an oilfield job in Alberta with no experience are definitely a great starting point for individuals who are hoping to begin a career in the oil and gas industry. While experience is always a good thing, it is not always the only thing employers take into consideration. 

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