2023 promises to be a big year in the Canadian energy sector and we're kicking January off with a showcase of 5 of the highest pay jobs we have found so far.

If you're interested in the energy sector and looking for next level pay in 2023, keep reading!

#1: Earn $1058 per day as a heavy equipment mehanic

Big Country Equipment Repair Ltd is reportedly hiring across multiple sites in BC, and claims that with all perks available your earning potential can be $1,000/day. That's some good pay!

View the job posting with Big Country Equipment Repair on EJS here

#2: Earn $125/hr as a Rig Welder

FLINT needs rig welders based at their client sites in the Fort St John area. Schedule is a 6/1 with 12 hour shifts and a VERY competetive rate of $125/hr!

View the job posting with FLINT on EJS here

#3: Earn up to $600/day as a labourer

Liberty Energy Services is looking for professionals to fill roles as Labourers for their winter water management operations with pay up to $600/day - not bad for a labourer job!

View the job posting with Liberty Energy services on EJS here

#4 Earn up to $900/day as an Oilfield Operator

Goliath Energy is actively seeking experienced Snubbing & Service Rig Personnel for their busy locations with earning potential as high as $900/day!

View the job posting with Goliath Energy on EJS here

#5 Earn up to $57.29/hr as an Electrician

The Fort McMurray area has always been known for high paying energy jobs, and these positions at the Suncor site are no exception where qualified electricians can earn over $57/hr.

View the job posting with NACG on EJS here

We you've found these 5 high paying jobs to kick off 2023 helpful - if you like them, please let us know and we'll have our team put together more recaps like these.

Happy New year from the EJS team!