In a release dated December 10th, Inter Pipeline Ltd. said it will output $1 billion in capital expenditures in 2021 as it pushes to complete its petrochemical plant.

Approximately $930 million, or 93 percent, of total capital expenditures will be for organic growth initiatives, with the remainder invested in sustaining capital projects.

Reportedly, they will spend $800 million next year on the Heartland Petrochemical Complex, which it now expects to start up in early 2022. 

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How many jobs are available?

Interpipeline Ltd. says that they "need some of the best and brightest to become a part of (their) team."

While the exact number of jobs available in Alberta aren't precisely know, from their site the "amount of direct and indirect jobs created for Canadians over the four-year construction period will top 13,000, and (they) expect to hire over 200 full-time positions from now until construction completes in late 2021.

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What types of jobs can be found at the Heartland Petrochemical Complex?

The range of positions are diverse and includes operations and maintenance staff; supply chain, health and safety, integrity and engineering professionals as well as plant optimization, quality control and lab technicians.

They are proud to boast being an equal opportunity employer, as well as "support(ing) a culture of inclusion and diversity in the workplace". 

Where to find work

There are a few different websites where you will be able to find available positions at the Heartland Petrochemical Complex. Find a list below:

If you would like to submit a GENERAL application for employment opportunities at Inter Pipeline, please identify the role you're interested in and email your cover letter and resume to:

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